This Quote From An Audience Member At The Second Debate Should Worry Every Single Democrat

If you watched the two Democrat debates this week, you know how far to the extreme left the party has drifted.

People who were in the audience noticed it too. One of them said something that should make Democrats very nervous.

Townhall reports:

It’s No Shock Why This Audience Member Told A WaPo Reporter Why They Could Be Finished With The Democratic Party

The past two days have been quite revealing. I mean a lot of us knew this concerning the Democratic Party’s philosophical trajectory, but the whole country now knows we have a full-blown socialist party.

They want open borders, they want to destroy private health insurance, they want to confiscate firearms, raise taxes, and provide not just taxpayer-funded abortion, but allow abortions virtually up to the moment of birth. They bash law enforcement and think all of this is going to be the winning recipe for getting some of the Rust Belt voters to come back into the fold.

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That was the issue Bernie Sanders supporters tossed around in 2016. Hillary Clinton lost because she wasn’t liberal enough. Clinton was plenty liberal. She was too liberal. And Lord helps us if she were elected president. What progressives want is for every Democrat to go off the cliff of insanity. There is a sensible center in politics.

The problem is all of their people decide that can’t stand the partisan noise created by us. They’re weak. Evan Bayh, Olympia Snowe, and company—all decided that the best way to serve the interests of moderate voters was to leave Capitol Hill entirely. Still, these people vote. And if moderate Democrats think this party is too left wing, then, by all means, sit out in 2020.

This is the line that should terrify Democrats:

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Check out some of the responses to that:

It’s so true.


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