Three Maine Women Stole Dozens of Trump Signs And Now They’re FACING CHARGES

Donald Trump sign

Why is it that leftists feel justified stealing other people’s property and denying them their First Amendment rights? Three women in Maine stole upwards of 40 Trump signs but the good news is they got caught and will face charges.

The FOX News Insider reports:

3 Maine Women Face Theft Charges for Stealing Dozens of Trump Signs

Three Maine women have been charged with theft for stealing dozens of Donald Trump signs.

Police say Elizabeth Stothart, Martha Murdick and Heidi Kendrick were on the side of the road with their trunk open, acting suspiciously when an officer approached them.

He took the stolen signs, and the women found out the next day that the chairman of the Making Maine Great Again political action committee, which distributed the signs to supporters, was pressing charges.

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Stothart wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post, explaining that it was “disrespectful” that so many Trump signs were along Route 1 in her hometown of Falmouth.

She said she “momentarily snapped” and took action after she learned more about Trump’s “predatory behavior” toward women.

“I have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do,” Stothart wrote. “I also have advice for anyone who might be on the verge of doing something stupid. It’s not worth it. Find a healthy way to express your outrage.”

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Here’s a video report:

Let’s hope they throw the book at them.


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