Three Reasons Why Trump’s Debate Answer About Accepting The Election Results Was EXACTLY RIGHT


In the next 24 hours and coming days, Democrats and their media allies will focus on a singular moment in the third and last 2016 presidential debate.

Debate moderator Chris Wallace of FOX News asked Donald Trump if he will accept the result of the election. It was ironic because Trump was asked an identical question about the results of the Republican primary during the first GOP primary debate in August of 2015 by a debate moderator from FOX News. It should also be pointed out that Hillary denounced Trump’s response but never answered the same question directly.

Here’s the moment:

Expect a full-on non-stop attack from Democrats and the media about this which will be framed as Donald Trump being a threat to American democracy.

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The attacks will be complete garbage and Donald Trump is absolutely right. Here are three reasons why:

1. The Media: The media has repeatedly made it clear that they’re on the side of Hillary Clinton and that they want to destroy Donald Trump. We’ve had media bias in the past but nothing on the scale of what we’ve seen in this election. Don’t you think the media will be in a mad rush to declare a Clinton victory on election night? You better believe they will.

2. Voter Fraud: Democrats have engaged in voter fraud over the years but again, we’ve never seen it on the scale that’s happening in this election. Investigations are under way in Colorado, Indiana and Virginia. Not to mention the recent explosive videos from James O’Keefe. Do you accept that? Of course not. Why should Trump?

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3. Democrats in 2000: Democrats did not accept the results of the 2000 election in which George W. Bush bested Al Gore. They fought it in congress, they fought it in the media, they fought it throughout Bush’s presidency.

Ignore the hyperventilating Democrats and media who will push this as a “scary” thing for days to come.

They are hypocrites and have no leg to stand on with this issue.

The media wants Trump to concede before the election is even held.

He was right to say he won’t.


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