Tim Kaine Ripped By His Hometown Newspaper For Double Standard In Attacking The NRA

Democrats have spent weeks attacking the NRA. It’s completely unfair and they know it, but it riles up their base and that’s their goal. One Democrat is finally getting called out for his hypocrisy. Hillary’s running mate Time Kaine was criticized by his hometown paper.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Tim Kaine’s Hometown Paper Rips Him Over Double Standard for the NRA

The Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial board published a rebuke of Kaine, suggesting that the senator’s claim Sunday that the NRA “has basically been able to gridlock everything in Congress now for nearly decades” was hypocritical and made in bad faith.

Kaine has also said that his colleagues on Capitol Hill are “afraid of the NRA.”

The Times-Dispatch editorial hit Kaine for suggesting that the majority of Congress wants to pass gun control but fails to act on legislation because of the pervasive influence of the NRA and other Second Amendment groups. This view, the newspaper argued, implies that Kaine’s colleagues have no ideas of their own and only serve to do “the bidding” of their donors.

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“Behind that argument lies an assumption of bad faith: that lawmakers actually favor gun control, and they oppose it—and their own consciences—only because of lobbyist pressure,” the editorial board wrote. “Do Kaine’s colleagues know he holds them in such low regard?”

It’s about time someone in the media held Democrats to account on this.

We certainly know CNN isn’t going to do it.


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