Tim Kaine Won’t Give Back Harasser Harvey’s Donations For A Ridiculous Reason (VIDEO)

Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine was asked about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the money he contributed. Kaine’s response was pretty lame.

PJ Media reports:

Tim Kaine Says Harvey Weinstein’s Donations to Him Have Already Been Spent

Hillary Clinton has finally broken her silence and condemned her former buddy Harvey Weinstein, but hasn’t said what she will do about the $39,000 he donated to her 2016 campaign. Her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), was a little more vocal. He said, “You have to call out bad behavior. Anybody who sexually harasses somebody, or anybody who uses their position of power, especially, to coerce or intimidate somebody, that’s low-life behavior and it’s unacceptable.” But, he did say that all the money for their campaign has been spent, so he’s not prepared to give Weinstein’s blood-money back or try to donate it.

CNN has more:

While many Democrats have sent Weinstein’s donations to charity, several prominent Democrats — including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as Hillary Clinton — have not publicly addressed the accusations.

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Camerota noted that Weinstein donated more than $30,000 to the Clinton campaign. She pressed him on whether the money should be returned.

“Well, the campaign is over,” Kaine replied.

“Here’s what’s happening: You’ve got to call out bad behavior,” he continued. “Anybody who sexually harasses somebody or anybody who uses their position of power, especially to coerce or intimidate anybody, that’s low-life behavior and that’s unacceptable … I think a number of folks he has given to in this campaign cycle are returning those funds.”

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Watch the video below:

That’s it, Tim?


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