TOO PROUD? Democrat Congresswoman On Trump Wanting To Find Common Ground, ‘OH NO – I WON’T GO’ (VIDEO)

Another intolerant Liberal shows her stripes.

On MSNBC today, Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters was asked a very simple question.

It’s a question many Republicans were asked in 2008 when Obama was elected: If the President invites you to meet to find common ground, what will you do?

Her response is shocking!

Watch her response on MSNBC via the Washington Free Beacon (question begins at the 1:20 mark):

From the video:

MSNBC Host: “I just want to get this straight. Are you saying, then, that you would not sit down with President-elect Trump if he invited you to the White House to meet on common ground?”

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Rep. Waters: “Oh, no – I won’t go. I’m not gonna sit down with him. I’m not gonna go. I’m not gonna pretend. I’m not pretending. This business of calling names and lying. And, uh, you know, retreating on your promises, etc. Why should I trust him to be any different with me? I’m the Ranking Member on the Financial Services Committee. I’ve been working hard . . . “


She won’t meet with the President of the United States? Even if he wants to find common ground?

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Is she too proud?

It’s an unbelievable amount of disrespect Liberals are showing to the President-elect.

Because it’s not just disrespect for Trump. It’s also disrespect for all the people that voted for him.

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