Top Republican Pollsters Say ‘Don’t Be Fooled, Trump Strong As Ever’

If you listen to the liberal media, you would probably think that Trump is out, and down for the count.

Two top Republican pollsters are saying this is flatly untrue.

This isn’t a knock at Ron DeSantis or any other Republican, just a glimpse of where things are right now.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Don’t be fooled, Trump ‘strong as ever,’ say top pollsters

You’ve seen the polls, in Secrets and elsewhere, touting the emergence of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and others challenging former President Donald Trump, the only Republican who has announced a bid for the 2024 GOP primary so far.

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They come at a time when the former president is under fire in many corners but still standing and punching back.

Now two of the nation’s leading Republican pollsters who have strong ties to Trump are explaining why he remains “as strong as ever” to take the nomination and beat President Joe Biden.

John and Jim McLaughlin, who run McLaughlin & Associates, recently released their poll that shows the former president ahead of DeSantis 48%-23%, just as popular as he was on Election Day last month, and leading Biden 48%-45%.

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Here at Secrets, we write a lot about polls and have highlighted many about the DeSantis surge, especially after his blockbuster reelection last month. While it’s still over a year before the first caucus or primary, they all give a suggestion for how the candidates are doing among voters but shouldn’t be taken as the last word.

What’s different about the McLaughlin poll, John McLaughlin told us, is that it is tougher with the sample it uses. It tries to whittle down its sample to those most likely to vote instead of a bigger vat that may include some who’ve never voted.

McLaughlin tries to stay away from anti-Trump bias in many media polls. And finally, it replicates the Democrat-to-Republican percentage of more recent elections.

The 2024 election is a long way off and things could change at any time.

We are all just going to have to wait and see.


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