Trials For 200 People Arrested For Rioting On Inauguration Day Set For Coming Months

The far left people who rioted on election day are in a world of legal trouble. In the coming months, they’re going to face a judge and some of them will surely go to jail.

BuzzFeed reports:

A Judge Will Not Dismiss Criminal Charges Against People Arrested On Inauguration Day

A judge in Washington, DC, on Thursday denied requests to dismiss the criminal cases against nearly 200 people charged with rioting in downtown Washington on President Donald Trump’s inauguration day.

The defendants had raised a series of legal arguments against the indictment, including that it lacked specificity and that the DC rioting laws failed to account for people who were arrested for engaging in political speech protected by the First Amendment.

District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz, who heard arguments in July, issued an order Thursday denying all the motions to dismiss. The defendants are set to be tried in groups at separate times, with the first trial date scheduled for late November. Other trials are scheduled throughout 2018.

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Numerous lawyers were involved in filing and arguing the motions to dismiss the indictment. One of the defense lawyers involved, Jason Flores-Williams, said he was looking ahead to the trials.

“It provides us with the opportunity to take these important issues to the jury, which, thankfully, is the way our democratic legal system was designed,” Flores-Williams said. 

What stupidity. These people ruined their lives over nothing. Hope it was worth it, folks.


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