Trump Administration Looking At Multiple Coronavirus Vaccines To Fast-Track: ‘Operation Warp Speed’

If you’ve been following news about the Coronavirus crisis, the word you have probably heard repeatedly is vaccine.

That’s the one thing that is guaranteed to bring American life back to normal.

With that in mind, the Trump administration has made the development of a vaccine a priority. They’re looking at multiple solutions and they’re ready to fast track production in an effort they’re calling ‘Operation Warp Speed.’

The Hill reports:

Trump administration’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ looking at 14 potential COVID-19 vaccines to fast-track

Over a dozen potential COVID-19 vaccines are currently under development that could be candidates for a Trump administration program to fast-track for widespread inoculation by January 2021, senior officials within the administration told NBC News.

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The program, known as “Operation Warp Speed” whittled down 14 candidates from a pool 93 potential vaccines several weeks ago.

According to officials, those 14 vaccine candidates will undergo testing to further whittle down the number of vaccines to six or eight. This batch of candidates will make it to next rounds of clinical trials.

From there, health experts are looking to weed out faulty candidates and come out with three or four vaccines that clear final testing to be used by early 2021.

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Of course, none of the 14 chosen vaccines are guaranteed to make it through trials and testing, but the officials who talked to the network were optimistic.

“Can I say with 100 percent certainty? No,” one of the officials told the news source. “There is a reasonable probability that one or more of these vaccines will be successful.”

This would be a game changer.

It’s very encouraging news.


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