Trump Bashing MTV Awards Show Loses Massive Amount Of Viewers

MTV’s video music awards show devolved into a Trump bashing festival this year but the network paid for it in ratings. It seems people aren’t interested in listening to liberal celebrities bad mouth the President. Who could have guessed?

Showbiz 411 reported:

MTV VMA Ratings Sink, Almost 50% of Viewers Gone in Three Years, Down By More than a Million from Last Year

The amazing ratings for “Game of Thrones” on Sunday night– 12 million viewers– had a big impact on everything else on cable TV.

The MTV Video Music Awards were hurt as badly as the white walker who was brought to the big confab of families. On MTV the awards scored only 2.6 million viewers. On all Viacom platforms the total was closer to 5.3 million– which was a big drop from the 6.5 million of last year. The VMA pre show, which was just on MTV, grabbed 1.1 million viewers.

The VMAs show a steady decline year to year. In 2014 they had 10.3 million viewers. This means their viewership has been cut by half. Each year they lose another million people. What could it be? The disposable music? The horrible performers? You tell me.

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We know what the problem was.

Remember years ago, when MTV was about music and not obnoxious liberal politics? MTV doesn’t.

What a shame.

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