Trump Calls Chuck Schumer “HEAD CLOWN” Who Refuses To Fix Healthcare (TWEETS)

Now that Harry Reid is gone, Chuck Schumer is head of Democrats in the Senate. That makes him the de facto leader of Democrats in Washington. And it gives Schumer some say over fixing the mess that Obama left.

Trump has a lot of things to fix. The first item on the agenda is ObamaCare.

In recent days, Schumer has done news conferences on how he plans to fight Trump on ObamaCare.

Today in a series of tweets, Trump fought back. 

Here’s what Trump tweeted:

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Trump is right! Democrats, led by Schumer, are just playing political games.

They care more about blame than they do fixing things.

Democrats more about stopping Trump than they care about helping Americans. 

Trump also tweeted today about the made-up ‘Russian hacking’ scandal.

Recently, Trump posted what Julian Assange said: That a 14 year-old could have hacked John Podesta’s emails.

Trump got some blowback from the Dishonest Media, so he responded with this today:

A President who lets Americans make up their own minds when presented with the facts – Revolutionary!

The great thing about Trump’s tweets is that he’s speaking directly to the American people.

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