Trump Calls Out Hillary For Deplorables Remark: “I will be a President for ALL of our people.” (VIDEO)


Democrats and their leftist allies in media have tried desperately to paint Donald Trump as a bigot but he has gone out of his way to reach out to all Americans and he repeated it in a great moment at the debate last night.

When asked how he would work for everyone as president he brought up Hillary’s “deplorable” comment and said:

She calls our people deplorable… and irredeemable. I will be a president for all of our people.”

Watch the video below:

It was a powerful moment.

How does Hillary expect to be embraced by the entire American public when she’s already written half of them off as deplorable and irredeemable?

The simple truth is that she can’t.

Democrats have tried to suggest that she misspoke and that she felt bad for saying it but that’s only because she got caught.

Trump has said repeatedly that our nation is strongly divided and he’s right. Hillary and Obama bear much of the responsibility for that.

Trump deserves a chance to bring the American people together again.

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