Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Predicts ‘Electoral Landslide’ For Trump In 2020 (VIDEO)

Trump’s campaign manager is confident that Trump will win re-election in 2020. In fact, he believes that Trump will win a bigger share of the Electoral College than he did in 2016.

He recently spoke to CBS News:

Trump campaign manager speaks to “The Takeout”

GARRETT: Brad Parscale, good to see you.

PARSCALE: Good to see you, Major.

GARRETT: Describe the last week for you.

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PARSCALE: Work as usual.

GARRETT: Not work as usual.

PARSCALE: Oh, you know. Look, you know, I’ve been doing this for four years. There’s tough weeks, there’s bad weeks, there’s good weeks. This is still gonna be a great week because we’re in here with this rally, everything is going on, getting this thing going for 2020. It’s going to be amazing and tonight’s gonna be epic.

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GARRETT: Epic it what sense?

PARSCALE: I mean, every sense of this thing. It’s a big venue, it’s beautiful. You know, the president’s gonna be up there and be, you know, aspirational about where we’re gonna go for the next two years and what we’re doing for 2020, and the things that he still wants to get done, and the change that he wants to bring to Washington. And I think that’s excitement. That’s why so many of these reporters are out here. And I think that he’s gonna get up there again and he’s gonna do what he always does, and be the showman. And he’s gonna be the president and he’s gonna talk about what’s still coming forward…

GARRETT: If the election was held today, I know it’s not, but if it were — would you win Florida?

PARSCALE: I think we win Florida, yeah. I think we win in an electoral landslide as of today. I think the president —

GARRETT: Define an electoral landslide.

PARSCALE: I think even more electoral points than he did last time. I think right now what he’s progressed, we have these shifts. I have continued to say to the president, “You are winning these people over. You are winning this.” As they define what they are, what they stand for, you know, free health care for illegal immigrants, all these kind of crazy leftist policies, you know, the new green deal. The president has common sense things that he wants to get done for this country and when Americans really learn what this is all about, he has a winning ticket and he continues to do that.

See the video below:

What are Democrats going to do if Brad’s prediction turns out to be accurate?


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