Trump Campaign Releases Brutal New Ad: ‘MEET JOE BIDEN’S SUPPORTERS’ (VIDEO)

The Trump campaign has released a new ad that slams Joe Biden for his complicity in the face of months of violence from the radical left.

It’s effective because Biden has been silent about the unrest for so long, only speaking out once it started to have a negative impact on his poll numbers.

Townhall has more:

WATCH: Trump Campaign’s New Ad Demolishes Biden Supporters

The Trump campaign on Saturday released a new ad highlighting the violence – including rioting and looting – that former Vice President Joe Biden and his supporters condone.

For months Democrats have told us that the Black Lives Matter protestors have been “peaceful.” Just one look at places like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and now Kenosha show that these people are anything but “peaceful.” Since when is burning down people’s homes and buildings peaceful? Since when is looting – simply because they can – peaceful?

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The left is so fearful of their own supporters and the cancel culture mob that they refuse to condemn what is currently taking place across the nation. They refuse to take responsibility for fanning the flames of violence.

The real question: how much longer does this have to go on before Democrats wake up and realize this violence is wrong?

Check out the video:

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Again, this is effective because it’s not an exaggeration.

Biden, the Democrats and their media supporters encouraged this unrest for weeks while Trump denounced it.

They own all of this destruction.


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