Trump Fan Tells CNN: “I Love His Tweets . . . Can’t Wait To Wake Up In The Morning To See Them” (VIDEO)

CNN recently spoke with a group of Trump voters. Naturally, they managed to find people who would speak negatively about the President. Yet one man on the panel defended Trump’s use of Twitter and even said he can’t wait to read Trump’s tweets each day.

Real Clear Politics has the story:

Trump Super-Fan To CNN: “I Love His Tweets, I Actually Can’t Wait To Wake Up In The Morning To See Them”

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On CNN’s ‘New Day’ on Monday, Alisyn Camerota sat down with Trump voters from South Carolina, Iowa and Florida to discuss their thoughts on the president at this point in his term…

GENE HUBER, TRUMP SUPPORTER: I mean in talking about the tweeting I mean our President told us, he’s the modern day President. There ya go. I mean to me I love his tweets. I think he could tweet every morning. I actually can’t wait to wake up in the morning to see them…

He talks to us. He’s talking to ‘We the People.’

Watch the video below. Skip to the 2:45 mark to see the moment described above:

If that guy looks familiar to you, it’s because Trump invited him onto the stage at a rally back in February.

It looks like he’s still a fan of the President.

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