TRUMP: ‘General Flynn Was Treated Illegally – These People Broke The Law’ (VIDEO)

After a meeting with Republican senators this week, President Trump made some remarks to the press.

He spoke specifically about what was done to General Michael Flynn and to the presidency.

He stressed that this must never be allowed to happen again.

Here’s a partial transcript, via the White House blog:

THE PRESIDENT: On the Flynn case? General Flynn is a man of great respect. I was with General Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the other day. I said, “Do you know General Flynn?” He said, “Yes, I do. He’s a fine man. I’ve known him for 20 years. He’s a fine man and a great soldier.”

General Flynn was treated horribly. General Flynn was treated illegally. These people — they broke the law. They broke the law. What they’ve done to General Flynn should never happen. What they’ve done to the presidency and what they’ve done to this country can never be allowed to happen again to our country.

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And despite all of that has been done, everything that’s been done, we’ve had one of the greatest presidencies ever. We have never — I don’t think anybody — Mitch, I think we can say it with surety: Nobody has accomplished what we’ve accomplished in a relatively short period of time, a three-year period of time. Nobody has been able to do that.

When you look at rebuilding our military; regulations at a level that nobody has come close to — we’ve cut regulations; the biggest tax decrease in history. You look at all of the things that we’ve done, all of the things we’ve done on healthcare with the individual mandate, with preexisting conditions, nobody has done anywhere close to what we’ve done.

But despite that, if you look — despite an illegal witch hunt — and that’s what it was: it was a hoax; it was a witch hunt. The Russian thing was a made-up, fabricated story.

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See the video below:

Trump is right.

This must never happen again.


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