Trump Has A Simple Answer For Why Hillary Is Not Ahead By 50 Points


Last night, Hillary asked a burning question: “Why aren’t I ahead by 50 points?”

We posted our answers earlier:  

1. She’s the poster child for the corrupt DC establishment.

2. Trump is a better candidate with better ideas.

3. Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth.

4. People believe Trump has America’s best interests in mind.

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Today, Trump appeared on Fox & Friends and was asked the same question by host Steve Doocy:

Yesterday, Mr. Trump she said at one point on a teleconference, “Why aren’t I ahead by 50 points by now?” Why isn’t she ahead by 50 points by now?

Here is Trump’s answer (at the 13:00 minute mark):

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Here’s the transcript of Trump’s remarks:
Because she’s terrible. I mean, she has a terrible record. And everything she touches goes bad. You look at what’s going on with Libya and you look at the surge and you look at all of her decisions and you look at the Iran deal which is one of the dumbest deals I’ve ever seen which she started. And she totally backs by the way in it’s completed form, she totally backs. 
You look at everything she touched – I mean it’s just a mess. She’s spending a lot of money and so far it’s not had much of an impact because I guess I’m winning in most of these states. And we’ll see what happens in the end but she is you know they’re raising money. The special interests are giving her a fortune so that they get what they want. It’s very very – it’s actually sort of unfair and yet amazingly I hear 50 to 1 and she’s already spending many many times what I’m spending and she’s not doing well. So we’ll have to see what happens. It’s a lot of money. Fifty to one is a lot of money.

He’s right! Everything Hillary touches goes bad: Libya. Iran. Bill.

H/T Conservative Treehouse


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