Trump Has Been Treated Unfairly By The Media Says… Massachusetts Democrat Congressman

When Democrats from Massachusetts start saying the media is treating Trump unfairly, you know the bias is being noticed by more people than just Trump supporters.

This is pretty amazing.

CBS News in Boston reports:

Rep. Stephen Lynch Says Media Has Treated President Trump Unfairly

Democratic Congressman Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts said President Donald Trump’s address to Congress was a “significant shift” from previous rhetoric coming from the White House, adding also that the president has been treated unfairly by the media in recent months…

Specifically, Lynch said he does not understand how Trump plans to reduce taxes while also funding education, replacing Obamacare, building a wall on the Mexican border and increasing military spending.

Lynch also questioned Trump’s continued claim that he will “drain the swamp,” when the Congressman says the president has “actually filled the swamp” by continuing to hire Goldman Sachs executives to cabinet positions.

The Massachusetts Congressman said press coverage of the Trump administration has been unfair, adding that it negatively impacted the credibility of several media outlets during the campaign.

“I don’t think he’s been treated fairly in the media. I really don’t,” Lynch said. “I thought that one of the biggest casualties of this past election was the credibility of the media. I read probably six or seven newspapers a day, my staff sends me the clips, and there was just a steady drumbeat of attack against Donald Trump.

Will miracles never cease?


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