Trump Holds Massive Rally In Phoenix, Arizona (PICS AND VIDEO)

Trump held a huge rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday night.

It was another packed event and supporters in attendance seemed to have a blast.

FOX News has details:

Trump slams Bloomberg at Phoenix rally, pushing MAGA message during Dem debate

President Trump, at a rally in Phoenix on Wednesday night, took shots at fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg at the same time the former New York City mayor was in Las Vegas, taking fire from fellow Democrats during his first presidential debate.

“Now they have a new member of the crew, Mini Mike,” said Trump. “‘No Boxes,’ we call him ‘No Boxes.'” The reference was to jabs Trump has been taking at Bloomberg regarding his height, including the president’s previous claim that Bloomberg would need to stand on a box at the debate.

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“I hear he’s getting pounded tonight. I hear they’re pounding him,” the president continued. “I think he spent all this money, he has maybe 15 points. Hey, fake news, how many points does he have? They won’t tell you the truth.”

Then Trump took a shot at MSNBC, which televised the debate, calling the left-leaning network “MSDNC.”

“MSDNC is worse than CNN, and they’re all pretty bad,” he said, to a round of boos.

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Trump also hit Bloomberg for “buying” his candidacy, as the president put it.

“Mini Mike has spent $411 million so far. That idiot [Tom] Steyer — we call him ‘Impeachment Steyer’ — he spent $210 million and look where that got him. I think he got one-third of one percent in Iowa. I never even heard of him.”

Here are some pictures:

Here are some videos:

Watch the whole thing below. Trump enters at the 1:02 mark:

What an event!


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