Trump Mentions Hillary At Today’s Rally, Crowd Chants “LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP!” (VIDEO)

It’s been 127 days since the historic election of President Trump. 

It’s been 127 days since Hillary was defeated.

But Trump supporters haven’t forgotten the nasty campaign Hillary ran. And the lies she told about Trump. About his taxes. About his respect for women.

And Trump supporters haven’t forgotten Hillary’s illegalities. They haven’t forgotten the email scandal. The Clinton Foundation pay-for-play. The suspicious deaths of three people who could have caused trouble for the Clintons.

Trump supporters haven’t forgotten any of that. 

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So when Trump mentioned Hillary’s name at today’s rally, watch how they responded:

From the video:

Trump: “The law and the Constitution give the President the power to suspend immigration when he deems – or she – Fortunately, it will not be ‘Hillary-she’ [crowd goes wild, chants, ‘Lock her up, Lock her up’] when he or she deems it to be in the national interest of our country.”


The People haven’t forgotten the terrible deeds of Hillary.

What a moment!!

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