Trump More Than Doubles Obama’s 2012 Vote Total In New Hampshire Primary

When Obama was running for reelection in 2012, he got a lot of votes in the New Hampshire Democrat primary.

Trump just won the New Hampshire Republican primary and more than doubled Obama’s numbers.

And Trump had a few ridiculous challengers, too.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Trump’s New Hampshire vote total more than doubles Obama’s in the 2012 primary

Much of the attention during New Hampshire’s primary was focused on the Democratic candidates vying for the party’s nomination, but President Trump’s strong performance should not be overlooked.

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The final numbers aren’t in yet, but it’s clear Trump won more than 100,000 votes among Republican and independent voters. That’s more than double the roughly 49,000 that President Barack Obama won among Democratic voters in New Hampshire’s 2012 primary when he ran uncontested for reelection, and it’s at least 35,000 votes more than Bernie Sanders, who is currently leading the Democratic field.

There are important differences, to be sure, but Trump’s significant gains prove he is still generating an unprecedented amount of enthusiasm.

No matter how electable the Democrats’ nominee is, it will be difficult for the Democratic Party to replicate the populist fervor Trump’s campaign represents.

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Lots of people in New Hampshire seem pretty happy with Trump as president.

Take a look:

Trump came extremely close to winning New Hampshire in 2016.

In 2020, he might close the deal.


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