Trump On Afghanistan Withdrawal – Our Allies Have Lost Respect For Us (VIDEO)

Trump called in to the Stuart Varney show on the FOX Business Network this week to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

He did not hold back and accused Biden of caving to the Taliban.

he also suggested that this has hurt the United States with our allies.

Real Clear Politics has a partial transcript:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: No, all they’ll do is say we’re out. They don’t talk about the people killed, they don’t talk about the sacrifices made by so many. Thousands of people — thousands of our soldiers killed. Hundreds of thousands of people killed, hundreds of thousands. You look at both sides. And very importantly, we have been humiliated as a major player.

Our allies aren’t going to look at us the same. You know, our allies took advantage of us for years and I let people know it and I let them know it and they started paying at (ph) NATO where they really took advantage of us. Trading partners took tremendous advantage to the European nation.

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European Union was worse — the European Union was as bad as China or almost as bad as China in terms of us with trade. And yet we protected them militarily with NATO, which is largely the same group of nations. I will say this, they have lost tremendous respect for the United States of America and when I was president, they had unbelievable respect for us.

But they have lost tremendous respect for our country, tremendous. Beyond anything imaginable…

Watch the video below:

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For four years under Trump, Democrats and the media treated everything he said and did like a crisis.

They constantly acted like he was going to cause some horrible international incident.

In the end, it was Biden who caused a disaster.


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