Trump Pardons Sailor Who Used Hillary Defense After Conviction For Navy Sub Photos

A Navy sailor named Kristian Saucier got into trouble a few years ago when he took some pictures with his phone while inside a nuclear submarine. He claimed that he was only taking the pictures to share with family but he was charged.

As a defense, the sailor pointed out that what he had done wasn’t as bad as what Hillary had done with her email server but the defense failed.

Now Trump has pardoned him.

Townhall reports:

President Trump Has Issued Another Pardon

Speaking from the White House Friday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters President Trump has pardoned U.S. Navy Kristian Saucier sailor who was charged and convicted of taking photos of classified areas on the submarine USS Alexandria.

“[Saucier] He has been recognized by his fellow service members for his dedication, skill and patriotic spirit. While serving he regularly mentored younger sailors and served as an instructor for new recruits,” Sanders said. “The sentencing judge found Mr. Saucier’s offense stands in contrast with his commendable military service. The President is grateful to Mr. Saucier for his service to the country.”…

On the campaign trail, Trump regularly compared Saucier’s case to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and said he was treated unfairly for his actions.

This was a fair pardon. Many people were surprised when the Hillary defense didn’t work.

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