Trump Pushes Back: Orders Probe Of Obama Book Deal, The Clinton Foundation (VIDEO)

Trump has had it with the Democrats and their double standards on investigations. Who can blame him?

On Friday in the Oval Office, he made it clear that he intends to fight back, now that the Muller nonsense is over.

The Hill reports:

Trump calls for probe of Obama book deal

President Trump on Friday lashed out at Democrats over their ongoing investigations into his administration, suggesting there should instead be probes into former President Obama’s book deal and other activities under his predecessor.

“They want to investigate, they want to go fishing and I watched Bob Mueller and they have nothing,” Trump said of Democrats during an Oval Office gathering to announce an agreement with Guatemala.

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“It’s a disgrace,” he continued. “We want to find out what happened the last Democrat president. Let’s look into Obama the way they’ve looked into me. From day one they’ve looked into everything we’ve done.”

“They could look into the book deal that President Obama made. Let’s subpoena all of his records,” Trump continued. “Let’s subpoena all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton and all of the nonsense that went on with Clinton and her foundation and everything else.”

Watch the video:

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Some people think this is long overdue.

Brandon Morse writes at Red State:

Trump went on to say that the investigation was “so destructive to the country” and said that it’s the reason Republicans are going to take back the House, and keep the Senate.

Personally, I think this kind of investigation is long overdue. The amount of skeletons hiding in the closet of Democrats has to be enormous, especially considering the fact that the Democrats pushed so hard against Trump. Usually, if a Democrat comes down hard on a Republican for something, you can bet they’re somehow guilty of the same thing.

Clinton and the Clinton Foundations connections to the Uranium One scandal, for instance, could do with a bit more investigating. Also, what were the connections between Obama and Clinton during the 2016 elections? What was James Comey up to with his recently discovered spy in the White House? Were there connections to Democrat officials there?

Just wait for the meltdown this causes on the left.


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