Trump On Collusion Between FBI And State Dept in Hillary Investigation: “DISGRACEFUL” (VIDEO)


An explosive new report was released this week which suggests the State Department and the FBI engaged in “quid pro quo” while conducting the investigation of Hillary’s illegal email server.

Donald Trump has released a statement on the situation via Facebook:

Crooked Hillary’s State Department colluded with the FBI and the DOJ in a DISGRACEFUL quid pro quo exchange where her staff promised FBI agents more overseas positions if the FBI would alter emails that were classified. This is COLLUSION at its core and Crooked Hillary’s super PAC, the media, is doing EVERYTHING they can to cover it up. It’s a RIGGED system and we MUST not let her get away with this — our country deserves better! Vote on Nov. 8 and let’s take back the White House FOR the people and BY the people! #AmericaFirst! #RIGGED

Watch the video:

We need to take our government back.

The Democrats have turned Washington into a cesspool of corruption.

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