Trump Says: “It’s Not Over – We Keep Going”

The Electoral College certified Joe Biden as president-elect on Monday, but Trump is defiant and says the fight is not over.

Trump is keeping up the fight because he knows millions of Americans believe that Democrats stole the election.

He is trying to make sure that the people who voted for him are heard.

CNS News reports:

Trump: ‘It’s Not Over’

President Donald Trump said Sunday that despite the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the Texas lawsuit challenging election results in several states, “It’s not over.”

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“No, it’s not over. We keep going, and we’re going to continue to go forward. We have numerous local cases in some of the states that got rigged and robbed from us. We won every one of them. We won Pennsylvania. We won Michigan. We won Georgia by a lot,” the president said in an interview with “Fox and Friends Sunday.”

“We have a governor, Republican governor that is worse than a Democrat. He’s terrible. He’s hurting Kelly and David very badly, the senators that are terrific people, and Wisconsin as you know we have a case going on as we speak. It’s actually going on right now,” he said, adding that “we’re doing individual states.”…

“The election was over at 10:00 in the evening. I had won. It was 97, 98 percent. All of the bookies all over the world were saying the election’s over. They wouldn’t even take bets on it, and then all of a sudden around 11:00, ballots start getting dropped. You see the graph where you go like this, and then it goes up to the sky? Tens of thousands of ballots were being illegally dropped,” he said.

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Trump has been tweeting about this too:

Millions of people don’t accept the 2020 election as legitimate, and they’re not going to any time soon.


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