Trump Says Republicans Need To ‘Toughen-Up’ In Culture War Against The Radical Left

Donald Trump has some advice for the other members of his party and they would be wise to take it.

He believes Republicans need to toughen-up and realize that we are engaged in a culture war with the left.

It’s not hard to see this. All you have to do is look at the left’s assault on American history in recent weeks.

FOX News reports:

Trump says ‘we are in a culture war,’ Republicans need to ‘toughen up’

President Trump warned his fellow Republicans to “toughen up” and stand firm against left-wing causes or they may find themselves on the losing end this November.

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In an interview with RealClear Politics published Wednesday, the president expounded upon some of the ideas he put forth in his polarizing Mount Rushmore speech on July 3. During that address, Trump rejected what he called “a new far-left fascism” and a “left-wing cultural revolution” that he said threatened American civilization.

“We are in a culture war,” Trump told RealClear Politics. “If the Republicans don’t toughen up and get smart and get strong and protect our heritage and protect our country, I think they’re going to have a very tough election.”

During his Mount Rushmore speech, Trump specifically called out protesters seeking to remove statues of American Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who were slave owners.

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What had begun as a push to eradicate memorials of the Confederacy expanded to include the former presidents, as well as President Abraham Lincoln, who led the country during the Civil War and famously ended slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation.

Trump is championing America all the time.

The rest of the Republicans need to get on board.


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