Trump Says ‘We Are Going To Have Over 400 Miles Of Wall Built By The End Of Next Year’ (VIDEO)

Trump called in to FOX and Friends this week and had good news to share.

He said that by the end of next year, 400 miles of border wall fencing will be in place.

CNS News reported:

Trump: ‘We Are Going to Have Over 400 Miles of Wall Built by the End of Next Year’

“So the wall is going up, it’s going up rapidly,” President Donald Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

“We are going to have over 400 miles of wall built by the end of next year. The wall is very important, it’s hard to breach it, it’s high, it’s strong, it’s powerful and it’s going up at a much lower cost than the wall that was planned prior to me getting there — it’s much better wall, too.”

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Trump said the sections of wall built before he became president are a “disgrace.”

And we are actually fixing it, and in some cases, we have to take down fairly new wall because it was so bad. But we’re going to have over 400 miles of wall built, and that’s going to be in the most important areas, and we’re going to have all of it built before you know it. But this is despite tremendous obstacles that have been put in front of me by the Democrats. You have no idea.

And we just won the lawsuit on the wall, we won a big lawsuit on the wall brought by Nancy Pelosi, this (lawsuit) was brought by Nancy Pelosi, and maybe that’s criminal — that she’s allowing drug dealers and gang members into our country, maybe that’s criminal when you talk about it, because what’s happening on the border is — we’re it getting straightened out.

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See the video below:

Now here’s a bizarre twist. California and New Mexico are trying desperately to sop this. Why?

FOX 5 News reports:

California, New Mexico file lawsuit trying to stop border wall

Attorney General Xavier Becerra is looking to permanently block President Donald Trump from building the border wall in a newly filed lawsuit on behalf of the state of California.

Becerra argues that Trump illegally diverted $2.5 billion in funding to construct a border wall. The lawsuit claims the President’s actions are unlawful, threaten democratic institutions and cause irreparable harm to the state.

New Mexico has joined California in the suit, which details the environmental impact the wall would have on the states, including to natural resources and wildlife.

“The federal government sets a floor of what environmental laws are. States have the right to go above that floor that the federal government has set. They can’t go below it but they can have more stringent requirements if they want to,” explained political analyst Meredith Levin.

Protecting the borders is one of the very specific jobs of the federal government.

Do the folks in charge of California and New Mexico not know this?


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