Trump Says Within Two Weeks 300 Miles Of Border Wall Will Be Built (VIDEO)

During a visit to Arizona this week, Trump went to look at an existing section of border wall and announced that within the next two weeks, 300 miles of border wall will be completed.

This is one of the reasons Democrats are terrified by the prospect of a second term for Trump.

They don’t want the wall to be finished.

Here’s a transcript of Trump’s remarks via the White House:

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. We’re here to celebrate a very big achievement. And it’s Yuma, and it’s hot. (Inaudible) a little hot out there. I’m supposed to speak for 45 minutes. It’s about 120 degrees. Do you think Joe Biden could do that? I don’t think so. (Laughter.) I have a feeling he couldn’t do it.

So we’re really, sort of, celebrating a lot of things. The incredible people right over there have done such an incredible job. (Applause.) That’s first and foremost.

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And I will say this: You’re setting records at the border. You’ve been unbelievable, and I know the wall is helping. You know, in two weeks, we will have hit 300 miles of wall.

And this is a small version of it because, actually, the real deal goes up 30 feet. This is much smaller than that. But this is a small version of it. This is what the finish will be.

Those are anti-climb plates at top, so that makes it much more difficult when you get to the top — because you see these guys climbing up with drugs on their back, and when you see that, it’s actually — they look at the wall and they say, “Let’s pass. Let’s take a pass on it.” So it’s a — it’s been a really incredible success.

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So, within two weeks, we’ll be in 300 — General, I think — in 300 miles.

See the video below:

Trump is doing exactly what he told voters he would do.


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