Trump Sets Up New .Gov Website For Presidency – You’re Going To Love The Address!

For the transition to the Trump Administration, Trump has a new website. It’s a .gov website with a special name.

There are links for people who:

Want to serve America

Want press information

Want to offer ideas

But the best part of the site is the web address:


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As of November 9th, Trump is also asking for help with these:


There are also links to Trump’s next policy steps.

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Here’s what the page on Immigration says:

“In several years, when we have accomplished all of our enforcement goals – and truly ended illegal immigration for good, including the construction of a great wall, and the establishment of our new lawful immigration system – then and only then will we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those who remain. That discussion can only take place in an atmosphere in which illegal immigration is a memory of the past, allowing us to weigh the different options available based on the new circumstances at the time.”

Donald J. Trump, August 31, 2016

A Trump Administration would execute on the following ten-point plan to restore integrity to our immigration system, protect our communities, and put America first:

Build a Wall on the Southern Border
End Catch-and-Release
Zero Tolerance for Criminal Aliens
Block Funding for Sanctuary Cities
Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws
Suspend the Issuance of Visas to Any Place Where Adequate Screening Cannot Occur
Ensure that Other Countries Take Their People Back When We Order Them Deported
Finally Complete the Biometric Entry-Exit Visa Tracking System
Turn Off the Jobs and Benefits Magnet
Reform Legal immigration to Serve the Best Interests of America and its Workers

Building a wall is first. President-Elect Trump is going to keep his promises. 

President-Elect Trump is not backing down!


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