Trump Slams Biden Over Inflation In Interview With Sean Hannity (VIDEO)

Trump did an interview with Sean Hannity last night and slammed Biden over inflation and other problems currently facing the country.

Unlike Democrats, Trump understands the pain the Biden administration’s policies are causing for average Americans.

He also talked about how much of this seems to be intentional.

FOX News has details:

Trump slams Biden administration for inflation, price increases: ‘Nonsense’

Former President Donald Trump told “Hannity” Tuesday that President Biden is very much like former President Jimmy Carter, but that his focus on job-killing and inflation-inducing green energy policies is making things worse than they were in the 1970s.

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Carter, now 97, oversaw the Iran Hostage Crisis, stagflation, and the infamous U.S. “gas lines” – where shortages of petroleum led to rules that dictated drivers could fill up their vehicles only on days that specifically matched even or odd digits on their license plates.

“What is happening to prices is many times more than any possible tax increase that anybody could get. On top of that, in this new [Build Back Better] bill, they want big tax increases: People will pay massive tax increases. I am not talking about the wealthy, I am talking about everybody,” Trump said.

The green energy policies of today’s Democrats are causing massive economic pain, especially in states like California, he added.

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“Look at the brownouts all over California. It’s terrible. All of this nonsense they are doing. They want to replace clean fossil fuels,” Trump told host Sean Hannity.

See the videos below:

Trump understands what the problems are and how to fix them. Biden looks weak and clueless.


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