Trump Speaks At National Prayer Breakfast: “The Power Of Faith To Transform Lives…” (VIDEO)

Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this week. It didn’t get as much coverage as the State of the Union, but it was another great speech in which he reaffirmed his commitment to religious liberty.

Real Clear Politics has a partial transcript:

Many of the people in this room lead and support the charities and faith-based institutions that bring hope to the lives of our citizens, comfort to those in despair, and solace to those in grief, aid to those in need and a helping hand to the struggling people all around the world, of which there are so many. With us today are leaders involved with Prison Fellowship, started by the late Chuck Colson, a man transformed by leaders of this breakfast. Today Prison Fellowship ministers to more than 300,000 prisoners across America to help others like Alice Johnson and Matthew Charles, who we saw Tuesday night, transform their lives through the mercy and grace of God. And faith leaders helped us achieve historic bipartisan criminal justice reform…

America is a nation that believes in redemption. Every day the people in this room demonstrate the power of faith to transform lives, heal communities and lift up the forgotten. Some of those in this room are among the Muslim and Christian faith leaders, from Minnesota who partnered to send millions of meals to Somalia last year. Also with us today are Catholics, evangelicals and members of the Jewish faith who help build homes for our fellow citizens through Habitat for Humanity. As president, I will always cherish, honor and protect the believers who uplift our communities and sustain our nation to ensure that people of faith can always contribute to our society. My administration has taken historic action to protect religious liberty.

Watch the video: