Trump Supporter In Ohio Speaks For Millions: ‘People Are Fed Up With Hating On America’ (VIDEO)

People on the left have made an industry out of hating on America, and lots of people are sick of it.

It was one thing when it was a handful of radical college students who did this, but now we have members of Congress who peddle this garbage and patriotic Americans have had it.

One Trump supporter in Ohio this week summed it up perfectly.

Townhall has details:

MAGA: Give This Woman VIP Seating At All Trump Rallies After These Remarks

While the Democrats continue to shank each other onstage since their 2020 clown car is still 15-plus candidates deep, President Trump is raking in the cash and already de facto running a general election campaign. He had a rally in the battleground state of Ohio last night, Cincinnati to be exact, and this one woman should be given VIP seating for all future Trump rallies:

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Watch the video:

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On a related note, there was a pollster measuring reaction to the rally in Cincinnati and he made a fascinating discovery.

FOX News reports:

Pollster: Voter dials show independents siding with Trump on immigration

Pollster Lee Carter measured the responses of a group of 100 voters to President Trump’s rally in Cincinnati and she said Friday that independents are leaning toward the president’s immigration stance.

At one point in the speech, Trump said Democrats’ greatest “betrayal” was supporting “open borders’ and Democratic lawmakers “care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents.”

“We’re not going to do that,” Trump said to his base at the rally on Thursday.

Carter, president of communications consulting firm Maslansky + Partners, said the voter-reaction analysis showed independents tracking closer to Republicans than Democrats in response to those statements.

She said Republicans graded those comments with an A+ and Democrats rated them with an F, but independents graded them with a B-.

“I think this is so interesting, how divided we are on immigration. Democrats really are not for open borders. But when you look at those independents, they were right up there with him,” Carter told “Fox & Friends.”

Democrats are making a huge mistake and they can’t even seem to see it.


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