Trump Supporters Protest Outside CNN Atlanta Headquarters Chanting ‘Shame On You!’ (VIDEO)

A group of Trump supporters protested outside the CNN headquarters in Atlanta this weekend.

Brandon Straka of the #WalkAway campaign led the crowd in chants of ‘shame on you’ and ‘time for you to go.’

People on the right have had it with CNN’s constant anti-Trump propaganda.

The Tennessee Star reports:

Mass Protest at CNN: Your Fake News Gig Is Up

Americans who once belonged to the political left, whether White, Black, straight or gay, assembled in front of CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta Saturday and explained why no one should ever again trust mainstream news outlets.

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Those same people, who now support U.S. President Donald Trump, explained during a mass protest that those same legacy outlets need to disappear.

Brandon Straka, who organized this #Walk Away Rescue America rally, said people are leaving the political left because they realize that MSNBC, CNN, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and others don’t tell the truth. Instead, Straka said those same outlets function as the “propaganda arm for the Democrat Party.”

Straka said he once despised Trump. He said the mainstream media informed him that Trump ridiculed a physically disabled reporter at a political rally — and Straka believed everything that the media fed him. Straka, who is gay, also said he spent his entire adult life voting off his minority status because the media told him that only Democrats care about marginalized groups while Republicans are “greedy, straight White people.”

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Take a look below:

Expect to see more of this.


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