Trump: The Nation Needs Law And Order (VIDEO)

During a recent interview, Trump again noted the need for law and order.

The riots which have ravaged American cities in recent days are causing long term economic pain and suffering.

President Trump is right. Governors and mayors need to step up and get this under control.

Transcript via Yahoo News:

Trump: ‘the nation needs law and order’

DONALD TRUMP: Well, it was a terrible thing and should never have happened. Something snapped, I think with, the policeman. And the other three watching it were– I guess you can’t put it in the same category, but it was certainly in a very bad category. And nothing good comes out of that. No, that was a very bad thing.

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Right now I think the nation needs law and order because you have a bad group of people out there, and they’re using George Floyd, and they’re using a lot of other people to try and do some bad things. And what we do– and we have it totally under control. But you have Democrat in many cases– in all cases, Democrat super liberal mayors. I mean, the mayor of Minneapolis was– it was disgraceful when I watched that. When I saw cops fleeing a precinct, there’s no reason in a million years that should have been done.

And we took that mess– it was a total mess. We brought in the National Guard. We took care of it. Now it’s very good. If you look at that area, it’s very good. So, yeah, we need healing, but we also need strength, and we need toughness, and we need law and order. We need it all, but we do need healing.

Watch the video:

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Trump also mentioned on Twitter that he wants more funding for police.

Democrats are now saying they want to defund police.

As American cities are on fire.


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