Trump Voter Stuns CNN Host: “President Trump Is Smarter Than Anybody In This Room” (VIDEO)


In another stunning rebuke to the Liberal Media, CNN hosted several Trump voters to ask if they still supported Trump.

They said they still supported Trump. Emphatically.

And one Trump voter took a moment to say Trump is smarter than the CNN host.

Watch the video via USAAssociation:

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From the video:

CNN Host: “North Korea.” [Trump voter Daphne Goggins laughs] “Go ahead, tell us what’s funny.”

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Trump voter Daphne Goggins: “Kaboom! What are we waiting for – no? I like the way he’s handling North Korea.”

CNN Host: “And how is he handling it?”

Goggins: “Tough. He has to be tough because he’s dealing with crazies. And I think that’s going to come out that he’s been a lot more disciplined. If he can that everywhere else?”

Here’s Goggins laughing at CNN host Camerota:

Later in the interview, the Trump voters mocked the Congresswoman who said Trump who sent this tweet: 

Trump voter Jimmy Dozier said this:

President Trump is smarter than anybody in this room. He has made millions of dollars. He knows what he’s doing. And for her to think he’s mentally . . . what in the world? Why would you think that guy’s mental? He ain’t mental. You know, we had two choices: Hillary and him. And if Hillary was the president right now, what do you think would be going on in North Korea? What do you think the stock market would be doing?”

Not only are Trump voters supporting Trump through his battles against the Media.

Trump voters have a better understanding of Trump than the Media does!


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