Trump Voters School CNN On Trump’s Strategy: “He’s Throwing Out Rabbits” (VIDEO)

CNN really doesn’t get it. 

CNN had Trump voters into their studio to talk about Trump after recent events, and a Trump supporter said, “Trump is smarter than anybody in this room.”

In the latest clip from that interview, CNN tried to get the Trump voters to badmouth Trump. Trump voters wouldn’t badmouth the President.

They love President Trump. 

Then, they schooled CNN on how CNN is being schooled by Trump. 

Watch the video:

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Trump voters noted that Trump “is throwing out rabbits” to distract the Liberal Media.

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And then Daphne Goggins explained Trump’s strategy to a CNN host who clearly doesn’t understand.

From the video:

Alisyn Camerota: “Is he distracting us from the Russia investigation?”

Daphne Goggins: “I think that the distraction is from him quietly transforming, retransforming American back to what it needs to be. Because if you look around – you might not cover it – but the things that he has done to roll back the transgender bathrooms, the regulations – he’s doing things, undoing the agenda. You know, they want to say it’s Obama, it’s Obama’s legacy. But I say no – he’s doing what he promised to do.”

She’s right!

Once again, Trump voters show they’re smarter than CNN!


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