Trump Warns Mexico To Stop Drugs And Migrants At Border, Threatens Tariffs (VIDEO)

Trump had some tough talk for Mexico on Thursday. He issued a warning about the drugs and migrants flowing over their border into the U.S. and said America could respond with taxes on certain cars and tariffs.

FOX News reports:

Trump gives Mexico a ‘one-year warning’ to stop drugs, migrants or he will tax cars and close border

President Trump on Thursday said he was giving Mexico a “one-year warning” to stop the flows of migration and drugs into the U.S., or he would slap tariffs on cars made there and close the southern border.

“We’re going to give them a one-year warning and if the drugs don’t stop or largely stop, we’re going to put tariffs on Mexico and products, in particular cars,” he told reporters at the White House. “And if that doesn’t stop the drugs, we close the border.”

He said that Mexico had “unbelievable” and “powerful” immigration laws and that such a threat would be a “powerful incentive” for it to act.

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The warning is a step back from the threat he issued last week when he threatened to close the border this week unless Mexico stopped “all illegal immigration” into the U.S.

On Tuesday, his stance appeared to soften, when he told reporters that Mexico had started taking further measures to stop migrants traveling into the U.S., and White House officials said that closing the border was one of a number of options on the table.

“I will say this, that Mexico the last four days has really done a great job on their southern border, with Honduras, with Guatemala, with El Salvador, of grabbing and taking and bringing people back to their countries,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday afternoon.

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Watch the video:

The situation at the border isn’t getting any better at the moment.

FOX News reports:

Acting ICE director on border crisis: ‘The system’s in a meltdown’

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “maxed out” its detention capacity and is seeking more detention beds across the country, current acting ICE director Ron Vitiello said Thursday.

“The system’s in a meltdown” and getting worse every day, Vitiello told “America’s Newsroom.”

“It’s an absolute crisis down there, it has humanitarian aspects, it has border security aspects, this policy can’t continue,” he added.

On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the Trump administration is treating the immigration crisis as a “Cat 5 hurricane disaster.” Nielsen is visiting ports of entry at the southern border this week and will join President Donald Trump in California on Friday near a section of border wall.

“What he’s going to see is this unbelievable flow at the border and no way for us to legally address it without Congress acting,” Vitiello said about the president’s upcoming trip to the border.

And Democrats continue to insist this isn’t a crisis.


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