Trump: ‘We Built The Greatest Economy The World Has Ever Seen. And We’re Going To Do It Again’ (VIDEO)

The Coronavirus crisis has devastated the economy.

When we finally get through this, someone is going to need to take the lead and bring us back from ruin. Who better than Trump can lead this effort?

Under his leadership, America was riding a wave of economic prosperity not seen in ages. He can do it again.

He said as much at the White House on Monday.

From the White House blog:

We’ll never forget loved ones. We’ll never forget these great people that sacrifice for a reason of incompetence or something else other than incompetence. What happened at a point where they could have protected the whole world — not just us, the whole world.

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But we had the greatest economy ever in the history of our world, and I had to turn it off in order to get to a point where we are today. And now we’re making a comeback. And I think we’re going to have, economically — from an economic standpoint, next year — an unbelievable year. And I think that you’re going to see a fantastic fourth quarter, and the third quarter will start to build. But the second quarter, obviously, you’re going to have GDP lack of growth.

I’m looking at the head of Walmart. What a job Walmart has done in going through something. I mean, they were — they were doing yeoman’s work, including getting us millions of — of, really, very, very protective outfits. And — and — I mean, the job that Doug and Walmart did was incredible. Millions of outfits. And those are high quality. I’ve seen them. Those a high quality. That’s what we need.

So people have stepped up to the plate. I think we’re going to have a really good — I think it’s good to start building. I think it’s going to build fast. I think it’ll be a tremendous, tremendous comeback.

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And, you know, so I say I built the greatest economy — with all of the people that helped me and all of the people in this country, we built the greatest economy the world has ever seen. And we’re going to do it again. And it’s not going to be that long. Okay?

See the video below:

We can do this.

Let’s reopen the country and get back to work.


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