Trump Will Veto Democrat Resolution To Block National Emergency “100 Percent” (VIDEO)

Democrats in the House and Senate are doing everything they can to prevent Trump from securing the southern border. They are now planning to use a resolution to block the national emergency he declared. Trump will get the last laugh, however.

He said this week that he would veto the resolution, 100 percent.

The Washington Times reports:

Trump says he’ll veto attempt to stop wall building

President Trump said Friday he will veto any attempt to block his wall-building border emergency declaration, and said he can’t see any way Congress musters the votes to override him.

His comments came hours after Democrats announced legislation to try to block the emergency declaration. A vote in the House will happen Tuesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

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“Will I veto it? One-hundred percent,” the president said.

He said he doubts Congress would be able to overturn his veto, which would mean his plans would stick — barring any legal setbacks.

Congress last week approved just $1.375 billion for border wall construction this year, which is far less than the president had sought.

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He signed that spending bill, but also declared a national emergency and said he was rejiggering money already in the budget, saying he’s found another $6.7 billion he can use for wall-building.

Watch the video:

CBS News has more on this:

Trump vows to veto move to block his emergency declaration if needed

The move by House Democrats starts the clock on a constitutional clash between Mr. Trump and Democrats and sets up a vote by the full House as soon as next week.

The Democratic-controlled House is sure to pass the measure, although its fate in the GOP-controlled Senate is less clear.

Any Trump veto would likely be sustained, but the upcoming battle will test Republican support for Mr. Trump’s move.

A handful of Republicans have voiced their strong opposition to Mr. Trump’s decision to go around Congress.

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said, “After the American Revolution against a king, our founders chose not to create a chief executive with the power to tax the people and spend their money any way he chooses. The Constitution gives that authority exclusively to a Congress elected by the people.”

While what Cornyn said about Congress is true, it’s also true that Congress has done nothing to solve this problem for decades. Even when the people gave Republicans a majority in both chambers, they couldn’t get the job done.

Furthermore, Trump is not acting like a king by trying to secure the border and frankly, that’s the sort of talk we have come to expect from MSNBC, not the GOP.


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