The mainstream media’s polls are biased. They count too many Democrats in their results. adjusts the polls to real numbers. To the right number of Republicans in each state.

In Michigan, the latest poll shows Trump closing in on Hillary, but still behind by 3 points.

Until you look deeper.

Fox2 Detroit reported: 

“Clinton has suffered erosion as 65 + women moved dramatically away from her last night and towards Trump,” said Steve Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Research & Communications. “We had seen a similar change in men and women 45-64 the previous night. She has also dropped 5% among Democrats. Trump leads with men now, after trailing Clinton yesterday.

Hillary is losing key groups in Michigan.

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When made the full adjustment, it looked like this:

“Adjust the Poll as realistic Party ID % (DEM 38 | REP 34 | IND 28)
REP(34%)x92%(TRUMP) – DEM(38%)x86%(Hillary) + IND(28%)x (60-14)
= TRUMP +13.7%?
of course I don’t think he gonna win that much landslide.
But anyway, with IND +46% leads, He gonna win Michigan.”

Bottom line: Trump is ahead in Michigan. By as much as 13.7%!

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We reported yesterday that people in Michigan believe the polls there are rigged. They believe Trump will win!



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