Trump’s EPA Chief Spends Far Less Than Obama’s – Liberals Attack Him Anyway

The left despises the Trump administration, that’s just a given. But they really hate EPA chief Scott Pruitt. There’s a simple explanation for this. Environmentalism is the left’s new religion and the EPA is their Vatican.

So even though Pruitt is spending less than his Obama predecessor, he is under fire.

The New York Post reports:

Scott Pruitt slammed for spending less on travel than Obama’s EPA chiefs

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt is under fire for flying high on the taxpayers’ dime. Fair enough — but why did his Obama-era predecessors escape the same scrutiny?

Pruitt spent roughly $120,000 on travel in his first year on the job, according to records the EPA provided to the House Oversight Committee.

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Almost $90,000 went for food, hotels, airfare and a military jet for his trip with nine staffers for the four-day G-7 environmental summit in Italy last June. Nearly 40 grand more covered a trip to Morocco to promote US exports of environmentally friendly natural gas.

Many critics have hit Pruitt for taking first-class seats when EPA guidelines suggest coach — but he argues that’s called for because he’s been getting death threats from pretty much his first day on the job. (Some greens really, really don’t like him.) Indeed, a quarter of his travel bill was $30,000 for his security detail.

But what about Obama’s EPA chief?

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Lisa Jackson, EPA director from 2009 to 2013, racked up more than $332,000 on four overseas trips. Gina McCarthy, the chief in 2013-17, spent nearly $630,000 on flights and security in her 10 international travels.

None of this matters to the left because they are not rational or logical. They are simply blinded by their hatred of all things Trump.


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