Trump’s Lawyer Slams Reporter – “Are You On Drugs?”

Given the insane way the media has covered Trump since the election, it seems reasonable to ask a reporter if they’re on drugs. There are a few people at CNN and MSNBC who should be asked that question.

In this case, it was Trump’s lawyer Ty Cobb who asked the question.

The Business Insider reports:

‘Are you on drugs?’: Top Trump lawyer Ty Cobb slams ‘rabid’ press in lengthy response to questions on Comey letter

White House special counsel Ty Cobb, who was appointed to represent President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation, on Saturday issued his lengthiest statement yet about a letter the president wrote in early May laying out his reasons for firing former FBI Director James Comey…

In an email to Business Insider on Saturday night, Cobb took direct issue with a story published on Saturday afternoon outlining how the advice McGahn gave to Trump about the letter could prove pivotal in the obstruction of justice case that Mueller has reportedly been building against the president.

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Cobb wrote: “There was broad support and little IF ANY objection within the White House for the action in question which, as your earlier reporting OMITS, was precipitated by and immediately on the heels of Director Comey’s Congressional testimony.”

Cobb did not explain when asked why, if there was little objection within the White House, the letter was sent to the DOJ rather than Comey himself.

Instead, he asked this reporter via email, “Are you on drugs? Have you read anything else on this???”

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The media has acted hostile and crazy for months. They shouldn’t be surprised when they get push back like this.



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