Tucker Blasts Democrat Elector Shenanigans: “THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY” (VIDEO)


Tucker Carlson exposed what’s really behind the Democrats’ effort to stop Trump in the Electoral College. 

He noted that Democrats would rather 37 electors choose the next President instead of 62 million people.

There’s only one conclusion.

Watch (via Fox & Friends):

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From the video:

Tucker Carlson: “Article II of the Constitution is pretty clear: They’re supposed to show up and vote. There’s no mention of voting your conscience. And so, for my lifetime, the Left has made a pretty strong case in favor of democracy. Empowering people to choose their government. It’s the basic understanding of how the government is supposed to work. They’re making the opposite case now. They’re basically saying that it doesn’t matter that 62 million people voted for Trump. It doesn’t matter that we just had an election. It’s immaterial. Thirty-seven Republican electors should switch their vote. Those 37 people should choose the next President. They don’t believe in democracy.

Tucker is absolutely right.

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The Left is showing their true stripes. They don’t care about winning fairly. They don’t care about winning justly. They don’t care about the will of the people. 

The Left only cares about one thing: Winning.

Which is why all these shenanigans are funny.

Because the Left keeps losing.

From the debates to the swing states to the House of Representatives to the Senate to the Presidency, the Left keeps losing. 

And we keep winning!


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