Tucker Carlson And Mark Steyn Mock Liberal Journalists For Playing Victims (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn had a good laugh last night at the expense of the liberal media. Some journalists are now pretending to be a victim class after relentlessly attacking Donald Trump on a nightly basis.

This segment is pretty funny.

Mediaite has the details:

Tucker Carlson, Mark Steyn Mock CNN’s Brian Stelter For ‘Converting’ Journalists Into a ‘Victim Group’

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson kicked off his show by slamming CNN yet again, calling their recent string of controversy a “week that will live in infamy” in the history of that network…

He went on to say that journalists are “the opposite” of workers and that they’re “members of the privileged class” and their fear of the rise of populism “is proof that they know they are.”

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Carlson invited on Mark Steyn and began their conversation by asking him his thoughts about the “‘consumers are bad’ if they don’t like us argument” made by Stelter.

Steyn ridiculed “the idea of converting yourself into a victim group of… I guess ‘journalist-Americans,’ the latest hyphenated victim group.”

When talking about the Russia hysteria, Steyn brought up their obsession with the Malaysian plane that disappeared in 2014 “but at least there was a Malaysian plane!”

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Watch the video:

Tucker should have Steyn on the show more often. They’re hilarious together!


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