Tucker Carlson Blasts The Left’s Politicization Of Justice: ‘This Is The Nightmare Scenario’ (VIDEO)

During a recent monologue on his show, Tucker Carlson blasted the unequal justice we are witnessing in America today due to the left’s politicization of justice.

He points out that Trump supporters from January 6th are getting harsher sentences than prosecutors are even asking for because of Obama appointed judges.

He also noted that the leftists who forced their way into the Department of Interior building this week suffered no consequences.

Here’s a partial transcript from Breitbart News:

CARLSON: So on Tuesday, three days ago, a 53-year-old hair salon owner from Indiana called Donna Bissey was sentenced in a federal courthouse in Washington. As the day began, it seemed pretty obvious that Donna Bissey was not going to go to prison even Joe Biden’s Justice Department recommended probation. That’s because the crime she was accused of committing was not serious by any measure.

The crime was quote, “parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol Building.” That would be on January 6. Donna Bissey did not set fire to any property, she didn’t attack police officers. She didn’t hurt anybody, she paraded as she thought was her right as an American.

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Then the sentencing began and very quickly, it became clear that Donna Bissey would not be going home to her family and her hair salon. Again, that’s not because of anything she did on January 6, it’s because of what she believes.

A DOJ prosecutor, a fascist called Joshua Rothstein labeled Donna Bissey a quote, “avid consumer of conspiracy theories” including that COVID is a, quote, “hoax pandemic.”

Apparently, according to this prosecutor, you’re not allowed to believe that. Believing that is a crime, it’s a thought crime, and you can go to jail for it.

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Keep in mind, again, this was ostensibly a trial about what happened on January 6, the physical facts of that day.

The judge also heard that Donna Bissey is not vaccinated against COVID-19, and of course that’s a crime, too. It’s a thought crime. She needs to go to jail and so she is.

Watch the whole thing below:

How much longer do the elites in this country think this can go on?

What happens the next time they are not in power?


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