Tucker Carlson Calls Out The Democrats Over Their Hypocrisy On Diversity (VIDEO)

Have you noticed that there isn’t much diversity in lots of places where wealthy liberals like to gather, Martha’s Vineyard, for example?

Tucker Carlson made this the subject of a recent monologue and he nailed it.

Democrat policies are not meant for Democrats, they’re meant for everyone else.

From FOX News:

Sometime in the last 10 years, the people who run New York City stopped caring about the millions of American citizens who live in New York City. How do we know that? We know that from watching what happened to the city. Ignore what they say, watch what they do.

So, shortly after Bill de Blasio became mayor in 2014, for example, a huge number of drug addicts and mental patients began living on the sidewalks. That’s not good and it increased. Over time, there was a 65% increase in homelessness in New York City.

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The streets, not surprisingly, got visibly dirtier. The smell got much stronger. Been there this month? Public urination was decriminalized by Bill de Blasio and many people took advantage of their new freedoms and there was, of course, a lot more crime.

After local politicians pledged to cut law enforcement by a billion dollars a year, many cops decided it wasn’t worth enforcing the law. Too much risk, not enough reward. So, the number of police stops declined by more than 90%. So, what happened to burglaries? Oh, they jumped 40%. Car thefts by almost 70%. Shootings doubled.

So, what would you like to live in a place like that? Well, for many in New York, life just became intolerable and a huge number of people simply left, not that anyone in the mayor’s office seemed to notice their departure. Average New Yorkers noticed. They understood perfectly well that city government had no interest in their well-being.

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But that did not mean that local politicians stopped caring. Oh, they cared more than ever. They just cared about different people.

Watch the whole thing below:

Tucker is so right about this.

Democrats have completely lost touch with average Americans.


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