Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus Will Change Higher Education, Some Schools Won’t Survive (VIDEO)

The Coronavirus crisis is already changing higher education in America.

College campuses across the country have shut down and sent students home, in many cases switching to online classes.

Tucker Carlson recently suggested that when this is over, higher education will look very different and that some schools simply won’t make it.

From FOX News:

Coronavirus crisis has exposed the higher education establishment charade

The long-term effects of the moment we’re in are hard to know exactly. Restaurants and hotels have a long road back — that’s clear. But what about higher education?

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The nation’s entire college population is at home right now, at exactly the same moment the economy seems to be heading south because of the coronavirus. So what effect will that have?

Well, the first thing to know is that whatever happens next, it will not affect Harvard, Yale, Stanford and a handful of schools like those. These places are richer than some countries. They’ll be fine no matter what happens, perhaps unfortunately. Big state schools are likely to weather the crisis, too. They have legislators behind them.

But for everyone else on campus, this is a life-changing moment. Consider the confluence of factors right now. First, endowments are likely to shrink as the broader economy struggles. Donations will drop, too, for the same reason. There will almost certainly be a big reduction in students from China, a group whose main appeal has always been their ability to pay for tuition. Take that money off the ledger.

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This is the key line:

Unless they change radically, a lot of these places are likely to go under in the coming years. There is not enough federal bailout money in the Treasury to save every pointless university in a bad recession. They will be gone for good, closed, repurposed, we can hope, into much-needed efficiency apartments with loads of appealing green space.

Watch the whole thing below:

Tucker is right on all counts.

This will cause massive changes and that is not a bad thing.


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