Tucker Carlson: Democrat Policies Are Making The Public Less Safe (VIDEO)

Democrats have been in power for barely five months and violent crime is rising to ridiculous levels in cities across the country.

Do you think these two factors are connected somehow? Tucker Carlson does and he makes a great case.

In one of his recent monologues, he laid it all out.

Here’s a partial transcript, via FOX News:

Tucker Carlson: Democrats have reimagined public safety, making the public much less safe

One Sunday afternoon last September, a 16-year-old called Aaron Pryor was shot to death in a driveway near his home in Oakland, California. Even by the standards of midday drive-by shootings, it was an awful crime. Surveillance footage showed the killer fired more than a dozen rounds, before fleeing. No one was arrested for the murder, but local media didn’t seem especially interested in finding out who did it. They already knew. The coronavirus killed Aaron Pryor—that’s what they told us.

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One local TV station noted that violence in the area had risen since the pandemic began—they must be connected. Pryor’s football coach agreed. “It was COVID that really killed this kid,” he told reporters. The coach didn’t explain how exactly COVID had done this killing, or what COVID’s motive might have been. But no one asked. Everyone, particularly people in power, seemed happy to blame the pandemic. You heard that a lot. Across the country, in New York City, Mayor Bill De Blasio put responsibility for rising crime rates squarely on the virus…

Right, it must have been the pandemic. It makes sense because we forced everyone to stay home. That’s why there are so many people on the street shooting each other and pushing strangers into oncoming subway cars. Does that make sense to you? No, it doesn’t make sense to anyone. But thankfully experts soon emerged to explain why something so obviously untrue must in fact be true…

Murders are up 800 percent in Portland, 56 percent in Minneapolis, 27 percent in Los Angeles, 22 percent in New York, and 40 percent in Philadelphia.

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Watch the whole thing below:

As usual, Tucker is right on target here.

The question is, when is any of this going to change?


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