Tucker Carlson: Democrats And The Media Want You To ‘Lower Your Expectations’ Of America (VIDEO)

Have you noticed that the America of today is nothing like the America of just a few years ago?

During a recent monologue on his show, Tucker Carlson broke down what’s happening in the country.

Democrats and the media want you to just shut up and accept what’s happening and if you have a problem with it, you just need to lower your expectations.

FOX News provides a partial transcript:

Tucker Carlson: The White House has new instructions for Americans – lower your expectations

We’re going to take you back about a year and a few months to the day America changed. You may have noticed it at the time, but this really was the pivot point. It was the height of the BLM riots early last summer, and rioters in Minneapolis had just torched a bunch of different buildings, and standing right in front of them was an MSNBC reporter who was broadcasting live from the scene.

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Now, the mob began by torching small businesses all through the city, including a liquor store, which of course, they looted first naturally. Then, as the rioting accelerated, they walked down the street and burned down the Third Precinct police station, the Minneapolis police station.

Now, as you saw that happen, you realize, ooh, this is a little different from anything we’ve seen before. We’ve seen riots before, in 1992. Following the Rodney King verdict, rioters in Los Angeles torched a lot of the middle of that city. But they didn’t burn any police stations because you can’t burn a police station because there are police there and they’re armed and they represent the law, they enforce the laws. You can’t burn down a police station because if they let you do that, then you know the whole system is crumbled.

And yet that’s exactly what happened just days into the BLM hysteria last summer. A police station was burning, and the implication of that was very clear. This is why we don’t allow police stations to get burned because the message it sends is this: the police can’t protect you, They can’t even protect themselves. So the police aren’t in charge. Legitimate authority is gone. The mob is now in charge.

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Watch the whole thing below:

It’s not too late to stop this madness, but one thing has to happen first.

Democrats need to be voted out of power across the board.


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